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3rd Quarter 2021


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General News

1. Remembrances - August 6 is the 5th Anniversary of the passing of Otto Aliffi (66-67). Otto was a dear friend to many of us and one of the biggest reasons that we were able to successfully create our Reunion Fund which was vital to our past Reunions. Few were as loyal to the 1/83rd as Otto and a better man and friend you would be hard to find.

The guestbook from his funeral is still active and if anyone would like to add a new message you can do that at this link...
Otto Aliffi Guest Book.

Lest we Forget.

2. Future Reunions - I sent a message in my 2nd Quarter Update about the question of another Reunion (You can read that message here (look for item #4). When I sent that message, I only received 9 replies (8 Yes and 1 Maybe) and we have a little under 400 on our active email list.

I suppose some of the lack of response is attributable to the COVID situation. It is understandable if that was partially to explain the lack of response but is that all it is? Is there just a lack of interest? Unfortunately there has been a resurgence with the Delta variant so perhaps people are still wary of travel. With only 9 replies it is hard to know what to think.

Now to the subject at hand, a possible future Reunion. I still don't think anything can be planned before sometime in 2022 or until the whole virus situation clarifies itself. We will not commit to anything that puts us at possible financial risk.

Having said that, it would be helpful to know what your interest level is. Money still remains in our Reunion fund that will need to be used at some point. If we don't have another Reunion, how to use the remaining funds would still need to be decided.

I have come across a company that organizes Military Reunions and they may be a good way for us to have a Reunion without the things we have to deal with when doing it ourselves. However, before I pursue anything with them I need to know your interest. 8 people is not going to do it.

So, I would like to get a better idea on where the group feels about this. I am not looking for anyone to make a firm commitment at this point, just a better idea on how, or if, to proceed.

3. Still there? - There has been little activity directed my way from the group for a long time now. This has resulted in fewer website updates since I can't add what I don't have. I do have a few updates that I hope to make soon but I am always looking for more. Remember good news is always welcome.

4. Australia and New Zealand Vietnam Veterans Day and the Anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan - August 18th is Vietnam Veterans Day in Australia and New Zealand and also the day in which they will commemorate the Battle of Long Tan 55 years ago. This battle was fought in August 1966 near the Australian base at Nui Date and in which the ANZAC forces sustained their largest casualty count in the Vietnam War. You can read about this and several other Australia and New Zealand items at this page on our website.

5. Captain Joe Babb - Many of you knew Captain Babb who was the Battalion Surgeon in 68-69. He was a fine man who tragically was killed in an accident in 2018. His wife Margo reached out to us after this and let us know of the plans to establish an endowment at East Carolina University in his name. Some of you contributed to that effort. Here is a letter I just received from Mrs. Babb with an update on that effort and her thanks. Be sure to see her personal note at the bottom of the letter.

6. Agent Orange - This updated list of the Agent Orange presumptive conditions appeared in the August 2021 issues of VFW Magazine.

7. Support - Please let me know if anyone of you or your family have health situations so we can let everyone know of the need for our support.

8. News - if you have any good news that you want to share send it along. Having good news to share would be a real pleasure, as it seems like we are constantly only talking about sad news. Here is the latest 1/83rd News.

Interesting Links and More

1. The legend of Patton's Ghost Army. - There is a link and an interview with a member of this ‘Ghost Army’. The story is remarkable but the man telling it, George Dramis, is even more so. He caps his story with a sentiment that I and others of us can easily relate to. It runs 20 minutes but is well worth it. You need to click on the link arrow within the photos of George.

Here is another shorter video on the Ghost Army.

2. National Museum of Military Vehicles -  This story appeared in the August 2021 issues of VFW Magazine. It is located in Wyoming.

Did you Know

Despite its widespread use in the plots of TV shows and movies alike, a chloroform soaked rag is a terrible way to render someone unconscious as it takes around five straight minutes of breathing chloroform in via a rag to knock someone out—not the mere seconds portrayed in TV shows and movies.

(Courtesy of How-To Geek Newsletter)

1/83rd Website

1. Please let me know if you come across any links in my website that are broken. With so much content, it is inevitable that links go out of date so let me know if you find one that does not work.

2. If you come across anything that you think may be a good addition to our website let me know. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the website, let me know.

3. Check out all the latest updates by looking at the website Table of Contents.

Vietnam Veterans of America

1. VVA website

1/83rd Roster

Full Roster on Website - Check your entry on the Full Roster to make sure all your information is up to date. Notify me if any changes are necessary. If your email stops working, I cannot reach you if you have incomplete or incorrect contact details on the roster.

Please remember that all contact info that we have for our group can be found on the Full Roster. This is the best spot to start if you need to contact one of the group.

Your Personal Contact Information - Once again I am asking you to please be sure to let me know if your contact information has changed.  I have had quite a few lately where either your email address or postal address is outdated and I was not notified. If your email address changes and you haven't provided a current postal address and phone number it makes it difficult or impossible for me to find you. Nothing is worse than losing someone just because of "paperwork" so keep me updated so I can keep the Full Roster up to date.

Missing members of the 1/83rd Help us find those former 83rd members who haven't found us yet!!

There is a long-standing page on our website where I list men that are either missing, inactive or trying to be located by someone in our group. I am asking everyone to review that page and let me know if you have updates you would like me to make.

I am sure that each of us has someone they would really like to reconnect with. If we all pitch in, we may find many more of our old buddies. Here are some ways to do that:

1. If you are in contact or have contact info for any 1/83rd guys please contact them and tell them about our group or at least tell me and I will contact them.

2. Look through the roster on the website and if you know of others who are not listed, let me know who they are. Also, if you see any incorrect or missing info (including your own entry) let me know.

3. If you have copies of old orders tucked away someplace, send me a copy so I can make sure those names are on the roster.

4. Sometimes all it takes is a name and location and we can find someone but the more details we know the better our chances.

Rules & Regs If anyone would like a current copy of the "Rules & Regs" document which has helpful information about using the website, let me know. Go to Contact Us and submit your request or email me directly.
Advisory If you get an email from and it has a website link included anywhere within the email, most times you should be able to just click on the link and you will be taken to the website. Sometimes however, the link will not work because, in sending you the email, the link is deactivated although it is still usable. If this should happen, another way to use the link is to copy and paste it into the address line on your browser. Please be sure to let me know if you have any questions on this.

Please make sure that your email system allows emails to be received from both of my email addresses, bill_t_08012@yahoo.com and artillery_83rd@yahoo.com


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