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I Corp Artillery 5th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment Memories of New Zealand and the Vietnam War

Canadians in the Vietnam War

8/4 Field Artillery 7th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment New Zealand Artillery Association Canadians in Vietnam
7/8 Field Artillery 104 Signal Squadron New Zealand Ex Senior NCO's Association Canadian Vietnam Memorial
15th Field Artillery


7/15th Field Artillery
108 Field Battery Association New Zealand - Muzzle Flashes
(Royal New Zealand Artillery Assoc)
2/32 Field Artillery 131 Locators Association New Zealand
Returned & Services Association
2/35 Field Artillery


2/35 Field Artillery - Request for Australian Unit Citation
"The Eyes and Ears Newsletter"
(Courtesy of 131 Locators Association)
The Royal New Zealand Artillery Association  
1/40 Field Artillery Locating Surveillance and Target Acquisition Association (LSTAA)
(Formerly known as Australian - Locating Artillery Assoc)
The Royal New Zealand Artillery Association Newsletter (The Gunner)
(Courtesy of RNZA Association)
73rd Surveillance Airplane Company (SAC) Australian Artillery Association Other New Zealand Material   
1/92 Field Artillery Australian Global Gunners    

2/94 Field Artillery

Australia & the Vietnam War    
101st Airborne Australians in Vietnam    
101st Airborne 327th Infantry Regiment Australian Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans    
Combat Trackers

Aussie Return to Nui Dat in 2005

Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association Luscombe Field at Nui Dat
(Courtesy of 161 Recce Association Website and Ernie Newbold)

This link details the origins of Luscombe Field, the Aussie airfield at Nui Dat.

  Other Australian Material    


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