Colonel Richard Pohl
Division Artillery Commander
101st Airborne

This Recollection was sent in by Bill Labhart (68-69) Fire Direction Officer "C Battery 1/83rd

"This info is regarding the death of the DivArty Commander – Col. Pohl and his SMaj. I was on duty that day, had just talked to them in our fire direction center. He was very well respected – always asked if we needed anything. Everyone also liked the SMaj – they were a good pair. His replacement, a one star, was not as concerned about the troops. The crash happened so fast we couldn’t get to them – the pilot and co-pilot were able to get out before the chopper caught fire. Anyway, they named a bridge after him – I didn’t know that."

The Virtual Wall - Richard Pohl - Part 1

The Virtual Wall - Richard Pohl - Part 2


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