FSB Currahee

Recollections and photos from Roger (Koop) Koopman (68-69) at FSB Currahee
Roger (Koop) Koopman (68-69)
HQ & A Battery

AND BEFORE ANY 8 INCH MADE IT INTO VALLEY...everything was flown in then...A Btry was at Cannon and C Btry was at Bastogne...sometimes when out walking with the ARVNs near Laos, the 175s were/was the only fire I could get...even with the probable error issues...our guys shot good and were effective...great steel also.


When 2 NCOs were wounded when round literally hit near coming in the opening...I just went out seconds before and was out directing ARVN direct fire at flashes in the hills I saw...told others to stay safe under cover...who would know?

View of valley when coming in via chopper...see little brown lakes...caused by naval 16" rounds as water table wasn't very deep


Man's got to clean up once in a while, headed for nearest stream

These great guys I was usually with in field throughout my time/tour and who replaced 2 wounded NCOs

The best gun to adjust and bring in real pee with...loved it...hard to outrun an 8 inch


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