ODE to Nui Dat

Some people want to know what itís like over here.

Well itís about a man who now lies at rest,
because he tried to do his best.

He was at a place called Nui Dat,
where you had to get permission to fire a shot.
You could see Charlie plain as day,
but you could not shoot because the bullet might stray.

He was on guard one rainy night
with Charlie in a tree and him in his sight.
He heard the crack of the round and ducked in time
 the bullet sped past with a dangerous whine.

He called for permission to fire
the colonel himself got on the wire;
he said listen boy and listen good
I want every word understood.
Donít you shoot until youíre sure,
then only one round youíll shoot do you hear!

Then another crack from the rain
the boy felt a searing pain.
 He fell to the mud clutching his chest
knowing that it wouldnít be long before he would be at rest.

He picked up the phone as his life gave out
and all he said was roger out.

Author Unknown


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