Dedicated to all who served)

They say we shouldn't be here
This place called Viet Nam
But I've six more months do do here
And I don't give a damn

My Buddy died this morning
While kneeling down in prayer
And the kid they call the Medic
Could only stand and stare

My clothes are getting ragged
My helmets filled with Ants
I killed a sapper in the wire
and nearly messed my pants

The sole came off my boot last night
While running in the mud
A worn out boot don't bother much
The other's filled with blood

The Wife found another Man
while I am in this hole
perhaps it's also for the best
but still I damn her soul

So you see why I am bitter?
At least I hope you do
Perhaps it doesn't matter much
At least it isn't you

It isn't you my Congressman
Or you that dodged the draft
It's thousands more just like myself
It's us that got the shaft

It's us that came to help out and do what must be done
It's us that spent our time in Hell
Its us that didn't run

We didn't run to Canada
Our friend and neighbor too
If they ever have a War
Do you think they'll call on you?

But I bet that when it's over
And no more cause to flee
America will take you back
And give you Amnesty

Chuck Mattson -
1/83rd Artillery

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