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Rich Webekind (66-67) welcomed Grandchild # 8 recently

Nickolas Michael Webekind, the third son of SSgt. Richard and Hilary Webekind and eighth grandchild of Richard and Janet Webekind, was born on November 29th, weighing in at just under seven and a half pounds. Congratulations to Rich and his growing family!!


Gary (Doc) Hill (left) and Barney Downey (both 70-71) recently had a visit. Here is what Barney had to say...

"Had another nice visit from Gary (Doc) Hill and wife Linda this past Thursday.

Want to say thanks for all you do, developing and maintaining this website that made this reunion possible .
Finding out that Gary just happened to be bunking at the aid station that fateful night, in between duty assignments and being there to help out our regular medic to patch me up and transport my carcass to the field hospital in Phu Bai, was pretty miraculous indeed.


I received the following note and picture from Toni Kirkland, the daughter of our dear departed Otto Aliffi (66-67). Many of you met Toni at previous Reunions when she accompanied Otto.

"Bill, ran across this photo of dad around the time of his birthday. He looks to be 18-19 years old. I think of you all often and remember the reunions fondly."


I received the following picture's from Tyler Laudette, the son of our dear departed Roy Laudette (66-67). These were taken on Top's 92nd Birthday in 2014. In the second photo is Roy and his wife Betty.


Al Saltzman (66-67) was recently honored at a New York Mets Game. In the center photo with Al is Mets pitcher Chris Flexen. Here is what Al had to say about that day...

"It was truly a  memorable experience being the Veteran of the Game at the NY Mets Citi Field on August 6th. I was given VIP status with front row seats for my family, a NY Mets challenge coin and a flag that flew over Citi Field. In all, it was a great day for me and my family."


Rex Hon (66-67) was at the recent 77th Sturgis (South Dakota) Motorcycle Rally. As usually happens, Rex made some new friends while there.

Rex met up with Don Eikenberry (66-67) on the way to Sturgis.


Greg Sachnewycz (70-71) unearthed this old story about our Bernie Dugan (66-67), click here.


Rex Hon (66-67) is on the road again...



Ken Mitchell (70-71) sent this message...

"The more I drive through my new state home of Oklahoma I'm seeing more and more 8" self-propelled howitzers on display in the smallest to large cities and towns throughout the state. The model is the M110A2, with the longer tubes and new muzzle design as the 155mm tubes.

Barnsdall, Lahoma, Lamont, Muskogee, Oklahoma City, Pawhuska, Tishomingo, Wagoner."


Al Saltzman (66-67) sent this message...

"Hi Bill, I recently received a call from the NY Mets informing me that I will be the veteran of the day at Citifield. I believe that presentation begins after the second inning. I will be on the field where they will announce my name and have the proceedings put on the large screen. I will also receive some gifts and sit in the best seats in the house with my family. This will happen on August 6th. This will be a memorable event which I will always remember and cherish."

Editor Note: As a diehard Phillies fan it breaks my heart to say this  but this is a really nice thing that the Mets are doing. I asked Al to send some photos for the website when the big day arrives.


Alex Athans (66-67) sent this message...

"Good morning Bill. It has been a long time. Been very busy doing several things. Just finishing a 45 foot wheel chair ramp for a WWII veteran who was with Patton's army during the Battle of the Bulge. The Major Jason E. George VFW has convinced the VA to come to Tehachapi once a month to offer counseling. Also planning Christina's third annual fundraiser for pancreatic cancer research. The first two, we raised over $15,000. So far since her passing she raised over $34,000. This year, Henry Rifle will be donating a 22 rifle to raffle. Will keep you posted. Thanks for being a good friend. Alex"

Editor Note: Christina was Alex's daughter who passed away from pancreatic cancer.


Winfred Langley (66-67) sent this message...

"Bill, below is the photo of our last reunion that I had hung in the Mission BBQ restaurant in Tallahassee. They cater to veterans, law enforcement, fire departments etc. If one is close to you should visit."


Frank Scozzafava (66-67) and George Sakamoto (66-67) just met for the first time in 50 years while Scozz was in Hawaii.


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