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• Don Eikenberry (66-67) received this medal and a nice certificate from the state of Kansas in recognition of his time serving our country.


• The Rich Webekind (66-67) clan.


• Ed Kloiber (68-69) showing 1/83rd pride displayed on his new car.



• Veteran's Day 2014 Ceremony held in Tallahassee, Florida, home of Win Langley (66-67) who sent these photos. Here is what Win had to say...

"Bill had a great turnout for the Veterans Day Parade in Tallahassee."




• Veteran's Day 2014 Ceremony held in Scott City, Kansas, home of Don Eikenberry (66-67) who sent these photos. Here is what Don had to say...

"19 degrees at 11 am. First time at our new Memorial, best crowd we've had even with the bad weather. The red brick in the foreground are bricks with Vets names bought by family members honoring them. $200 each to help pay for the site. Trudy's Dad (ED. Don's wife) has one there, Navy WW2. Could buy a bench or flag pole for $500 or one of the concrete pillars with a military medallion for $3000. The Marine in dress at the podium worked very hard to get the howitzer. Anyway, I think it was pretty cool for our little town.



• Here is some News about Neal Schwartz's (68-69) son, Greg who recently opened a new business in Washington state.

Neal says, "Stop and say hi if you ever get through there, it’s about 40 minutes north of Spokane."


• For Veteran's Day, Tom Bailey's (66-67) Grandkids, Ava 8, Ella 7, and Brady 2 sent him this Veteran's Day Card.



• On November 11 at 9:00 p.m., Brig General Horace Porter of the Union Army (aka Mike Reetz 66-67) will be on the TLC cable TV channel on the program "19 Kids and Counting" in full uniform. Be sure to tune in.


• Dennis Donati (70-71) who lives in Lower Burrell, PA  sent these 3 photos of a RVN memorial at his local VFW. It was dedicated Memorial Day.



• Rich Webekind (66-67) recently welcomed his 6th Grandchild (we seem to have a recurring theme here!!). Peter Webekind was born at 12:31 am on Tuesday July 1, weighing in at 7 lbs. Mom, Dad, Baby Peter, siblings Elizabeth, Gregory, and Mary, and grandparents are all doing well

Congratulations to all the Webekind family!

Here was homecoming day for Peter being welcomed by sisters Elizabeth and Mary and brother Gregory.

Rich added... "I'd also like to thank the group for the good wishes received."


• Rich Webekind (66-67) recently welcomed his 5th Grandchild. Christian Webekind, was born May 15 to S/Sgt Richard and Hilary Webekind. Mom, Dad, Baby, brother Richard III, and grandparents are all doing well!

Congratulations to all the Webekind family!


• Danny Sandoval's (66-67) daughter Justine and her two sons Emilio and Elias.


• Ken Skornia (66-67) and his wife Joan recently renewing their marriage vows in Canna, Israel. Here is what Kenny had to say...

"Just got home from Israel. Joan and I spent 10 days with a travel group. The Holy Lands are something to see. We renewed our wedding vows at Canna. I think I may have gained a few points. Great trip and everyone should make the trip just to see that what we have read all our lives is real."


• Ken Skornia (66-67) with his daughter Connie who works with rescue horses. Here is what Kenny had to say...

"This is my youngest daughter Connie and her rescue horses. We have been working them for about 9 months. When she and her husband got them they were starved down and looked real bad, ribs showing, and they ate the straw bedding out of their new stalls. We guess they thought it was hay, being starved down I guess  anything looked good. They had also been beaten so we all worked with them. It took a month before they would take a treat from your hand. That girl has a big heart for critters.

Connie is riding Shelbie a 5 year old . Scout the farthest one was beat and mistreated the worst. Now he comes to me when I call him. Makes Connie mad , she cannot get him to come to her in the field"


• Bob Hollis (67-68) had previously shared some of his Watercolor paintings and here is new one.


• Paul Picciuto (69-70) pre-1/83rd and another classic, a 57 Chevy.


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