1/83rd Artillery Missing

Roger Koopman (68-69) is trying to locate this person

Roger provided the following information and photos on this person

Subject: do you know the name of this SGT then SSG from 1/83rd in 69

"May have  asked before but because I spent a lot of time in field with him...would like to find him...in pictures below...have searched for awhile and ran across this section in a book called Tail Wind (Ed. see last 2 photos below)?  Had been told previously that he stayed in Army after Vietnam and that he might have killed someone accidentally in a bar brawl later?  Donít  know as I donít recall his name for sure. Was there most all of 69 (maybe from survey or operations sections or some other section in HHB or SVC?).

Thought his name is Jonesy  or Jones but I just don't remember unfortunately and may have him confused with other excellent NCOís I worked with though out my near 23 years in the military.

Said Okay Dokey a lot in conversations and on RADIO instead of Roger Out. Was very very strong and was told he had been a football star near or around Pittsburg.  Often went to field or woods with me literally and some others capable of calling fire

RTO Potts who would go to field often, Jonesy and Potts replaced the wounded SSG Gonzales and SFC Lewis wounded in motor attack in the early occupation of Currahee in Ashu. Could eat hottest peppers like candy and liked Crown Royal"

Pictured is Jones facing us.

Jones on left, Roger Koopman on right

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