In Memoriam

Stephan Early

1/83d Artillery

Rest in Peace

Lest We Forget

Stephan Early (Deceased December 26, 2021)

Veteran of "A" Battery, 1/83rd Artillery 1967-1968.

Stephan was born in 1946 in Brooklyn New York, was raised in Morristown, New Jersey and served one tour in Vietnam for which he was awarded a Purple Heart.  He enjoyed an acting career in New York and Los Angeles. But made his real mark as a teacher for some 30 years in Los Angeles wherein he shared his love of classical literature and the works of William Shakespeare.  To this day his students post their love and admiration for him on Facebook.  Often stating how he "changed their lives".  He is survived by his son Chaplin and his daughter Lauren and his wife Joan of 45 years. 


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