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Ron (Tomahawk) Hernandez

1/83d Artillery

Rest in Peace

Lest We Forget

(Courtesy of Stew Stenberg 1/83d)

Ron (Tomahawk) Hernandez (Deceased February 23, 2021)

Veteran of "C" Battery, 1/83rd Artillery 1968-1969.

From his friend and 1/83rd Member, Stew Stenberg...

"Hello to the 1/83 family.  Sad news regarding the passing of Ron ‘Tomahawk’ Hernandez in late February of 2021.

Ron had spend the previous 1 1/2 years in a Minneapolis hospital dealing with some serious afflictions.  We were best friends in Nam and were able to get together back in the states a couple times.  Ron and his wife Donna resided in Roseville, Minnesota.  Donna is on FB but I don’t have an email address for her, nor a residential address.  Ron served with C Btry, 1/83, 2nd gun section.  My current understanding is that a service and the burial will take place in Pine Ridge, South Dakota in to be determined.

While in the hospital, Ron and Donna had a young adult daughter who passed away from some serious issues with her organs.  After Nam, Ron got his masters degree in architecture.  He was a proud member of the Oglala Lakota nation and valued his Native American heritage.  I will research and see if I can locate an address for Donna.  We have lost a good brother."




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