In Memoriam
Keith Feldman
1/83rd Artillery (1969-71)

Rest in Peace

Keith Feldman

Veteran of 1/83rd Artillery 1969-1971 ("C" Battery FDC Section Chief).

Birth: Sep. 5, 1947
Death: Oct. 2, 1971

Walter William Feldman (1912 - 1998)
Laura Dorothy Dungan Feldman (1909 - 1997)

Note: SP 5 Btry C. 1 Bn 83 Fld Arty Vietnam

Drury-Reynolds Cemetery
Rock Island County
Illinois, USA


Below is the text of the above article on Keith. This and the other material on this page was provided through the courtesy of:

Trudy Eikenberry (Researcher 1/83rd)

Don Aird ("C" Battery 1/83rd)

Mirna Dillon (Muscatine, Iowa Journal)

Sheila Chaudoin (Photograph Archivist and Local Historian-Musser Public Library Muscatine, Iowa)



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