"Doc" Paddleford

Rest in Peace



Joe Babb (68-69)
HQ Battalion Surgeon

"Fred Doc Paddleford was one of  my medics during my 68-69 tour as Battalion Surgeon.  He was a fine person, wonderful human being, and a tragic loss.  He was with "C" Battery at Bastogne the night of the attack.  As it turns out, Eagle Dustoff was next to HQ/HQ Battery in Gia Le and I sometimes flew with them on difficult pickups.  They called me that night and I recall loading Doc on the helicopter but failed to recognize him as hed been hit in the head by shrapnel and the wound heavily dressed by one of the 101st medics.  Only realized later the next morning who it was.  By then hed been airlifted out to the hospital ship Hope.  I flew out there to talk with his Doc.  Things were very bad and he died later that day.  I have visited Fred at the Wall on my visits to D.C."

Howard Sanger (68-69)
HQ Battery

"If Paddleford was the medic that was badly hurt in the attack, and later died, then I can definitely state, the attack was at FSB Bastogne.  I believe I have photos -- somewhere -- of FSB Bastogne the day after the attack, as I was sent out there to take reports of what was lost, and to reimburse guys for things they lost (got destroyed) in the attack. 

I also visited the Battery CO who was wounded.  Captain _____ ... I can't recall his name.  My recollection is that he was a good guy.  Visiting Captain _____ in the hospital was a sobering experience.  Seeing him bandaged up -- a contemporary; a guy that I knew -- made me realize that none of us was indestructible.  Prior to visiting Captain ______ in the hospital, I was certain that I was made of steel, and nothing bad could happen to me."


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