Larry Francis

Rest in Peace



Mike Kolarik (69-70)
Service Battery

"Larry was a great guy and a good friend. I donít think I knew anyone who didnít like him. He was intelligent and had a great sense of humor, and he often used it to make those around him feel better. I remember one night Larry and I were walking back from the NCO club loaded with beer to restock our hooch. The night was as black as coal and so was my mood. As we felt our way along, Larry commented that he couldnít see a thing. I grumbled that there wasnít anything to see anyway. Just then I stepped into one of the gullies that crossed the Gia Le compound. These gullies were 2-3 feet wide and a couple of feet deep and were caused by the terrific runoff of the monsoon rains. I went down like a ton of bricks scattering beer cans and curses everywhere. Larry just had to laugh and got me to laugh too. For the next week, every time he saw me he would say in a doofus voice ďAinít nothiní to see, Kolarik, ainít nothiní to seeĒ and weíd start laughing again. I felt bad and he made me feel better. That was Larry."


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